Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MBA Retrospect - Part 2

The period between the summer of 06 and my first attempt at GMAT was one of huge changes in my life.

Iflex wasn’t really working out for me and I joined JP Morgan Chase after a bit of struggle with the search. The transition included a week of Accenture, a very tough week indeed with my travels to Vikroli proving more difficult than I had initially imagined.

In hindsight my preparation may not have been ideal for the first attempt but I believe my final score in the second attempt truly reflected my potential. Maybe I could have done better my 10-20 but at the end I was happy with what I had. More importantly, the second attempt of GMAT marked the end of the “writing GMAT” stage of my life, a hurdle which had taken me 2 long years to overcome.

The real task was yet to begin, the applications.

To begin with the task was daunting and I did not make things easier for myself by looking to apply to nearly 10 schools, all during the round one cycle for the fall of 2008.
The final list of schools looked somewhat like this –
UC Davis

Near the fag end of my application process, I got lucky….was asked to work out of the New York office of JP Morgan for about 3 months.
This meant I could visit some of these schools, interact with the admissions committee and create a stronger impression on their minds.
School visits was a factor which I had earlier discounted for.

My personal take on the application process for each of these schools will follow in the next post, one which I will post from Mumbai.

PS: The current score is 3-3, just received admission notification from Simon a couple of weeks back.

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