Friday, January 11, 2008

MBA Retrospect - Part 1

A retrospective blog for a change, to catch up on the pain, joy, insecurities that I have had related to my rather arduous journey towards a decent business education.

Blogs my MBA applicants – I love this category of blogs.
These blogs give me an insight into the trials and tribulations that applicants encounter en route to their dream business school. I am kind of hooked onto them for reason. I identify the author’s pain when he/she gets a ding, the joy of admit decisions, the fears of new challenges.

My blog is a mish mash of random thoughts, events. It never had structure, a central thought. Off late I been sort of updating the blog with info about my admits and dings but felt that I needed to throw some light on the journey so far.

Part 1
A 10X15 room in Tokyo. Gotanda Plaire apartments, room no 1203, I sat before my laptop, with a credit card in my hand, browsing, changing my GMAT date for the 8th time, and yes you read it right, the 8th time.
It was getting increasingly difficult for me to overcome my inertia of procrastination.
Every change in date gave me another chance at redemption and every change in date debited my dwindling balance by $50 and made me feel really bad about myself.
I had tried everything, had decided to stay on in Japan for a year more, hoping to write GMAT and start my application process from Tokyo, aided by the peace and quiet of my studio apartment in Tokyo.
The 8th date passed by with a no-show from me. I had had it. It was time to call it quits.
The next week I spoke to my manager, I needed to go back to India. I needed a change, get out of that rut. After spending close to 2.5 years in Tokyo, it was time for me to start a new chapter in my life. This was the summer of 2006.

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