Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Overcoming my Inertia of Laziness

Been a really long time since I visited blogger to type in my musings. Wouldn't attribute it to lack of time, but the sheer inertia of laziness. What prompted me to write today?..Well honestly speaking I had nothing better to do.
Well before I generally start rambling, let me update this blog with whats been happening off late in my life.
February saw me going home, for 4 days. Was great fun, with all teh food, meeting Kaustav and Joydeep. Went to City Center for the first time and was stunned to see the crowd at the mall. Kolkata sure is changing in character.
March saw me travelling back to Kolkata again, this time to attend Mondada's wedding. Again loads of fun with me having the first opportunity to attend a close relatives wedding after leaving Kolkata in 2002. Minor fiasco in the wedding when things got a little out of hand with my flirting around with one of the girls from the bride's household. Anyways I sson realised I was travelling down the wrong road.
Travelled to Bangalore after a couple of days to spend some time with Hirok and Kaka during Holi. Gorged on some gold old bong food at Lazeezs and Ballygunge Place.
Had to go back to Kolkata again for the loan paper work later in the first week of April.
Now sopme updates with regard to the applications. Made it into Olin as well which made my final score line 6-4 with a ding from darden as well.
So the final card would look somewht like this:
Admits : Tippie, Boston, Georgetown, Simon, Olin, UC Davis
Dings : Columbia, Darden, Emory , Chicago GSB.
Obviously disappointed with the dings but come to think of it, I should have cut down on the n umber of applications and just applied to 5 or 6 colleges, thus improving on the quality of my essays and recommendations.
Out of the 6 admits, I was considering Tippie and Boston because of the aid being offerred and finally have deicded to go with Tippie.
More on the Tippie experience so far in later blogs.

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