Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another start, phew...

I have decided to give blogging another shot, in line with innumerable other events in my mundane life.
The last four years alone has been a roller coaster ride, paradoxical in nature to the rest of my life.
The short stint in Chennai, the rocking times at Bangalore, the life changing couple of years at Tokyo and maybe the most crucial year of my life@Mumbai, presently.
There are innumerable blogs on a bachelor's lif@Mumbai, mine with not add to the numbers, my blogging is merely an effort to share my innermost views with myself.

Life alone has taught me a few important lessons, most of which I never thought I would have to learn. I think it wouldn’t be prudent enough to delve into those personal experiences on this forum but if I do manage to continue blog, will surely mention a few of those moments.

As of now, Mumbai has taught me never to say die, and never to say “I give up”. Despite all the odds this city thrives and eggs itself on.
Hope the spirit of this metropolis rubs off on me, in desperate need of it.

Here’s to continued and sustained effort in life, strive on.

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